5 Reasons Why Upright Vacuum Cleaners Are Best For Pet Hair Suction

Pet hair is a nuisance to get rid of, and we certainly cannot leave them where they are for risk of spreading diseases, causing allergies, and simply creating a mess in the house. If you think that with regular vacuum cleaners in the house, pet hair wouldn’t really be a problem, you couldn’t be more wrong.

Pet hairs have the tendency to get stuck in the trickiest corners and curves of the house and reaching these corners is not a within the means of just any vacuum cleaner. Moreover, pet hairs have this affinity for getting stuck to fabrics such as carpets, curtains, and sofas. Getting them off requires powerful suction.

For these and many other reasons, we believe that upright vacuum cleaners might be the best choice for pet hair suction:

1.    Filtration system:

The filtration system of upright vacuum cleaners is very advanced, which makes them an ideal choice for the removal of pet hair.

2.    Lightweight:

Most upright vacuum cleaners are unbelievably lightweight, making them a favorite among the women the world over for use on a moment’s notice without much ado.

3. Portable and maneuverable:

Pets, especially cats and dogs, like to sit on couches and beds, roll on carpets, and just squeeze themselves and hide into the tiniest corners of the house, and while they might come out after some struggle, they still will leave their hair behind. In order to clean all these nooks of the house, you need something that can be easily carried from room to room and maneuvered into small spaces and hidden corners. An upright vacuum cleaner fits the bill perfectly.

3.    Powerful motor:

Most upright vacuum cleaners have a powerful 1600 W motor. They have such a powerful suction that it not only cleans nearly all the pet hair from carpets and other surfaces but also do it so quickly that the least energy is consumed in the process. This makes upright vacuum cleaner not only an ideal pet cleaner but also highly energy efficient.

4.    Combats Allergens:

Some upright vacuum cleaners are so effective that other than catching all the pet hairs from the house, they also have the filters which are successful in grabbing the minutest and smallest airborne allergens, making the house not only pet hair-free but also allergy-free.

5.    Accessories:

Many upright vacuum cleaners are so pet-friendly that they come specifically equipped with the accessories that make them the ultimate pet vacuum cleaners. For instance, some upright vacuum have washable filters and crevice tools, others have a dusting brush and extension wand, and sometimes a large canister for dirt to make the whole process convenient for the pet owner.

6.    Guarantee and budget:

Some of the best upright vacuum cleaners are well within a reasonable budget and come with a guarantee of up to 5 years. If used with care, you can easily expect the cleaner to last a lot longer.


The above facts stand testament to the fact that upright vacuum cleaners are undeniably the best choice when it comes to pet hair cleanups.