5 Things To Look For In The Right Estate Agent

In the real estate industry, no one can be more tenacious and sometimes overzealous than estate agents. They do simplify the whole process for you, relieving you of the stress that is inherent in the process of either buying or selling a home. However, just as there are unscrupulous professionals out there, you, too, need to be highly selective in your choice of the estate agent that is right for you.


Here are 5 things you can look for in choosing the right estate agent.

1. Professional Membership and Accreditation

This is critical because membership to professional organisations can provide you with a greater peace of mind as to the credibility and trustworthiness of the real estate agent. This simply means that he must be able to secure all the necessary and required licenses and permits to practise as an estate agent in his local community as well as nationally.

2. Knowledge of the Area

A good real estate agent is someone who is not only duly certified by his professional organisation but also one who is highly knowledgeable of the area that you are interested in. He must have an excellent understanding of the different market forces that are driving real estate prices. He must be able to furnish you with all the relevant information about a particular neighbourhood where the potential property is located to help you in making your decision. If you are looking for estate agents in Sussex, for example, you need to ensure that the agent has a good understanding of the property market and amenities of towns and villages in Sussex.

3. Positive Feedback from Previous Clients

Any business endeavour strives to gain more and more clients and this includes estate agents. You can ask your agent for any references to his former clients or individuals whom he has already helped look for their dream homes. If he wont give them to you, then maybe something is amiss. If he does, then try to interview past clients and seek to understand how the agent is in his job. Probe deeper in case there is something negative about the estate agent. Nowadays, most reputable estate agents with post genuine reviews on their websites.

4. Ability to Realistically Meet Your Requirements

It is crucial to get an agent who will listen to what you really need, not impose what he wants or what he believes you should take. This is why it is often necessary to meet them in person and try to gauge their ability to realistically meet your expectations. If they cannot, then you just have to proceed to the next.

5. Commitment to Realistic Dialogue about Your Needs, Situation, and the Market

Face it, you dont know much about the market and how it can affect your decision to buy your dream home. That is why you need to sit down with the agent so you will have a greater understanding of what you are entering. Unfortunately, if he cannot commit to a dialogue, then maybe its about time to look for another estate agent.

Buying a house or selling your property is best accomplished by getting the services of an estate agent. However, it is more crucial to choose the right one as this is a very significant investment.