Air Powered Home Lifts: Easy Installation

If you’ve ever thought about installing one of those vacuum technology Airlevator lifts in your home and had doubts, you may want to reconsider. Getting one means providing oneself with the most practical house decoration. It’s a machine with both one specific function and a great deal of benefits. Described below are the reasons these elevators are a piece of cake to set up, and they’ll surely change your perspective.


These air powered lifts are quick and easy to assemble. This is taken in the most literal sense. They only take days to be completed from scratch and be fully operational. The moment the lift is tested and works fine, the job is finished without any doubt.


You’ll certainly see how durable these lifts are when one is installed at home. While the entire material is fully stable and durable, it’s also portable. This enables homeowners to safely remove the lift and transfer it elsewhere whether it’s a new house or, in other cases, a yacht! It’s the kind that can be set up and operated normally on a big boat.


These elevators can be situated in any house and don’t require additional or external constructions. The transparent pneumatic cylinder simply gets placed between floors, and that’s all the width you’ll need. The machines are designed so that the tube is self-supporting. It contains both the lift car and suction assembly controlling it, meaning nothing is required from outside. It’s all about insertion and placement in one fixed spot.


This must be repeated as often as necessary: these elevators are nothing like the traditional or typical ones. Round elevators neither depend on environment-damaging material nor create a massive amount of trash. Whenever they’re installed, used or serviced, they make as little of an impact as possible to your home and Mother Nature. No ground has to be displaced due to excavation. Not much energy is used to run these machines, as they primarily use air pressure to go up and down floors. Let’s not forget noise pollution as well! The installation is a smooth and quiet process that also happens the least bit disruptive. You’ll be able to go about your day in the house without any raucous drilling or cable pulling, since these lifts are simple to put together.


You’ll notice how our lifts are completely self-contained. Everything they need to function is positioned inside the tube. No extra space is needed, which means that all the magic happens within the shaft space allotted. Forget the need for cords or external equipment. Forget the need for a technician to return to your home in a few weeks’ time to add something else. Forget the fear of overhauling your home floor plans whatsoever or breaking apart walls. Nothing has to give way, and no digging has to be done.

Old-school lifts rely on a bundle of heavy equipment pistons, pulleys, cables and counterweights and in turn, they consume a ton of valuable space. But again, it must be stressed: air powered lifts are a totally different story. Find that out for yourself.