Café Shutters Offer Elegance And Versatility For Your Business

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If youve been looking for new window dressings for your business, you know there are a ton of options
out there. Your decision will obviously be guided by the type of business you have and what your privacy
needs are. Ideally whatever you choose will be versatile enough to provide multiple applications
depending on your specific needs throughout the day or night. One such window dressing is café

One of the biggest benefits of café shutters is that they dont completely conceal natural light while still
providing varying levels of privacy. If more light is desired, the louvres can be adjusted in any position
while still providing varying degrees of privacy. If you want full sunlight, cafe shutters can be opened
entirely. They are also ideal for especially large windows that can be difficult to find window dressings

Café shutters provide a stylish look to any setting. Depending on your other décor, finding shutters that
will compliment your business is simple. They can found in nearly any wood finish or paint color. While it
is possible to find a large variety of premade sizes, most people opt to have them custom made so that
they can select the features and specific size.

Some window dressings are not as durable as youd like them to be. Since you cant always dictate who
opens or adjusts the window dressings in your business, finding something that can stand up to some
rough handling would be ideal. Café shutters are easily the sturdiest option youre going to find. There
are no strings to break or cheap louvres to bend on café shutters. They also arent damaged by sunlight,
humidity or even direct moisture.

Another benefit of café shutters is that they can be combined with just about any other window
dressing. Because they are typically inset to the window frame, they will not get tangled up with other
curtains, drapes or shades you are using. Most typically they are used in tandem with a half valence
made from some type of opaque material to cover the top of the window.

Café shutters are also easy to clean and do not absorb odors. If youve ever sat next to curtains or
drapes in a business, it can be a little off putting. Musty, stale or smoky smelling anything in your
business wont impress your customers. Café shutters will hold up daily dusting and other cleaning.

So if youre looking for window dressings that offer privacy while still allowing natural light into your
business, consider café shutters. Their appearance can be customized to match or compliment any color
style or décor. Their durability will save you money by not having to replace window dressings that
break or otherwise become unserviceable. Theyre also versatile enough that you can change the
appearance of your business in minutes by adjusting or completely opening them. With café shutters
youll be adding an elegant and stylish addition to any business.