What To Look For When Choosing The Best Window Ac Units

The choice of installing a particular air conditioning unit in your home or office is an important one. You may find that a bad decision in this regard can haunt you for a long time because it is not easy to keep changing and reinstalling air conditioners.

Window unit air conditioners are often the best ones to use in large rooms because of their powerful cooling capacity. However, there are many types of window ACs that you can choose to install.

We will help you with this important decision by suggesting what to look for when choosing the best window ac units for your house or workplace. As all window ACs have their particular advantages and limitations, we will aim to look at these qualities in order to find the best AC unit for you. Let’s discuss them in detail below.

Energy Efficiency

The best criteria to select the right window AC is to look for one with the highest Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER). It is a common industry standard, which describes how effectively a window unit AC can remove heat from a room in terms of the electrical energy consumed by the unit.

Good window unit ACs have good EER, which must be at least over 10 and ideally, should be 12. the EER can easily be determined by dividing the BTUs of an AC unit with the amount of watts it consumes during its operations.

Thermal Capacity in BTUs

BTUs stand for British Thermal Units. They are often employed to give an idea about the cooling capacity of an AC. Window units usually start from 5000 BTUs and can go on up to 24,000 BTUs for commercial applications. Most window unit ACs for common homes though, have a thermal range between 5000 BTUs to 10,000 BTUs.

These cooling capacities are equivalent to either cooling a small room of around 150 square feet to a large one around 400 square feet for the 10,000 BTU model. You need to carefully select a model which has a cooling capacity that suits your room size.

Noise Level

Noise can be a very serious problem with window ACs. These units are always noisy when compared with split units because the machinery and cooling mechanism are all present in a single package. Low noise level should thus, be among your list of what to look for when choosing the best window AC unit.

The noise levels of these units range from around 60-80 decibels. For the best benefits, you need to select a quiet window AC with a lower noise level if you get disturbed by the buzzing sound often produced by these units. You also need to remember though, that larger units are bound to produce more noise due to a larger fan. If you want silent operations, then you should especially look for a quieter, medium capacity window unit AC.

Air Quality

Select a unit that processes air efficiently. There are many window unit ACs that come with installed dehumidifiers to create a comfortable environment. You should also select a unit with a high quality filter installed. This improves the operations of the air conditioner and saves the evaporator coil from dust.


Pricing always remains an important factor when buying an electronic appliance. There are many companies out there that are making window unit ACs such as Haier, LG, Friedrich and GE just to name a few of them. The pricier brands are often the quietest ones, but you need to take the decision according to your needs and the budget.

These are just some of the qualities that come to mind about what to look for when choosing the best window AC units for your home or office needs. Always take a look at these and you will be able to buy the right window unit for your space!