How To Make My Apartment Look More Private

If there is one thing every apartment dweller factors in itâs their privacy. Most apartments have a room (or rooms) that are visible from the street, so finding a window treatment that is stylish, while providing privacy can be challenging. Weâve found five options that can do the trick.

Information and credits: light spread blog

Window Frosting
A sticky film can be applied to your windows that doesnât have quite the same fuss as a net curtain or drapes. A frosted film is the perfect option, providing a contemporary finish that looks smart from the inside and the outside.
It achieves the same effect whether itâs in the evening or in daylight hours, providing you with total privacy.
There are some disadvantages, though. Sure, no one will be able to see in- but neither will you be able to see out. If youâre renting, you will also eventually need to find a way to peel that film off.

Choose A Pattern
While frosted film is great for sash windows, you can create a pattern to offer you a partial view outside the window. Whether you choose to cut out squares, circles, or create interesting patterns it can allow you to see out, while preventing people from seeing it. Obviously, a pattern is more difficult to apply to the window, and equally as difficult to remove when itâs time to move on.

Why Not Choose Blinds
Blinds are a popular option, and for many- an obvious solution to the problem of privacy. The bottom up binds are probably the best option, this will allow you to cover as much of the glass as you want. This will still allow you a clear view outside, while preventing strangers or passers-by from getting a good look in.

Angled Slats
Venetian blinds offer privacy during daylight hours, provided youâve angled the slats the correct way. Venetian blinds offer privacy during the evening hours, provided you keep the slats closed. While venetian blinds are still popular, plantation shutters are far more popular. They are similar in style, but offer more elegance and are far more up to date than the somewhat passé venetian blind.

Shutters Are the Way Forward
Shutters are the most efficient method of keeping your apartment private, particularly plantation shutters. They are fitted to the window, offering you the ability to block out as much light as you want to, and let plenty of light in when you want to capture plenty of natural light. They come in a variety of styles and designs, with different colors and materials. They may not be cheap, but they are durable, versatile, increase curb appeal, and improve the value of your home in a resale situation.

Choose shutters if you want to control the light in your room, improve the aesthetic of your room, and increase the privacy of your apartment. They can create the perfect finish for any room.