What Makes Responsibly Sourced Wood The Right Choice For Interior Shutters

Interior shutters are a great choice for your home. They have both practical and aesthetic benefits, and picking out long-lasting quality shutters is an investment that will pay for itself many times over. Wood is still the material of choice for the best in interior shutters. Not just any wood will do, though! It’s worth the extra effort to demand that your shutters are built out of wood that’s been responsibly sourced – that is, wood harvested in a sustainable fashion that does minimal damage to the environment. Here’s why.

The Peerless Value Of Wood

As with most building components, today’s shutters give you a huge menu of possible materials to choose from. While there are plenty of composite, synthetic, and metal alternatives that work well for outdoor shutters, natural wood is still the best choice for interior shutters. Only authentic wood looks and feels natural when inspected at close range – and that’s practically the only range you’ll be seeing your interior shutters from!

Besides having peerless aesthetics, wood interior shutters are also extremely durable when they’re crafted with care. For centuries interior shutters have been made out of tough, beautiful woods like teak, mahogany, and the supremely long-lasting paulownia wood. Modern technology still hasn’t produced anything that can match these fine hardwoods for lifespan, toughness, and beauty.

The Importance Of Conserving Natural Timber Resources

Whenever you consider using hardwoods in construction, it’s important to spare a thought for their source! This why most responsible manufacturers now work only with timber suppliers who comply with the most rigorous conservation standards to ensure that their woods are culled in an environmentally sensitive fashion.

Most responsibly-sourced hardwoods come out of purpose-grown forests which are planted and replanted for commercial use. Strict oversight and independent observation all along the supply chain help to verify that lumber harvesters and producers get their timber from sustainable stocks instead of by cutting down trees in at-risk areas.

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Details Matter!

Even if you’re not that interested in the environmental benefits of working with responsibly sourced wood, there is another significant advantage to dealing with manufacturers who care about these details. As you can imagine, it takes time and effort to verify the proper sourcing of hardwood timber. Manufacturers who care enough to do their legwork and verify the responsible origin of their timber sources are demonstrating their attention to detail.

A company that cares about getting details right in one area is going to want to get them right in other areas, too. That means a company with a strong commitment to responsible sourcing is also going to demand the highest levels of craftsmanship in their manufacturing process and accept only the highest possible quality in their finished product. That all translates into superior shutters – the kind of shutters you can rely on!

Hopefully, this little meditation on responsible sourcing has helped you see that it’s in your best interest to buy only shutters made of wood gathered from sustainable sources. Beyond the obvious environmental benefits, it’s also a powerful way of ensuring that the overall quality of the finished product will be second to none.