How To Setup The Best Outdoor Security Camera System

Setting up an outdoor security camera system is not as complicated as some people may believe. It is not as simple as plugging in an appliance and flipping the switch, but is far from the rocket science that some people think it is.

Here are a few tips and considerations that can serve as a guide for anyone who is thinking about setting up an outdoor security system.

Outdoor cameras for the right environment

Outdoor cameras are vastly different from their indoor counterparts. Security cameras meant to be placed outdoors are designed and built differently.

Some outdoor cameras meant for commercial establishments are vandalism proof. This makes it difficult to ruin the camera. Other cameras have a sun shield that prevents over exposure to sunlight. Too much sunlight can have huge consequences on the quality of image. Other cameras are meant to withstand harsh weather conditions like storms or blizzards.

The most important thing to remember is that the camera should be built for the outdoor environment.

Focus features

Today’s cameras have excellent lens that allows them to zoom in or out and capture superb images. Camera lens is a huge influence on how well the camera can capture videos and how far they can zoom in on a subject without loss in video quality.

It is always important to look at how well cameras can zoom in and identify its subject. Outdoor cameras were built for surveillance of large open areas. Zoom is an important feature that people should seriously take into account.

Those on the market for an outdoor security camera system might also want to think about cameras with variable lenses. Some manufacturers actually have modular designs that allow their owners to swap the lens to meet their needs. These models are more versatile in use and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of different needs.

Integrated software

Today’s outdoor cameras are a lot more sophisticated than older models. In the old days, cameras would only be connected to the system by wires and their surveillance feeds could only be checked through the monitors.

Some modern camera models are capable of streaming their video feed through the internet. People can check on the feed without having to physically go to the surveillance monitor. They can use a mobile app to check whatever the outdoor camera is looking at.

Even more sophisticated are cameras with built in motion sensors. These are some of the most cutting edge outdoor cameras on the market today. Their built in software allows them to detect motion. Not just any motion, but human motion. This kind of outdoor security camera system are intelligent enough to determine whether the motion they detect is some wild animal or a tree moving with the wind or a human being.