Tips To Clean A Coffee Maker

Coffee happens to be one of the most commonly consumed beverages in the United States, with over sixty five percent of the households already drinking a cup of coffee in the morning at present.

However, with the busy lifestyle of today, no one has the time to brew coffee every morning, which has given rise to coffee machines for homes. Today, almost every other home has some kind of a coffee maker at their kitchen counter. Although it has been a great convenience, it brought along a problem as well – cleaning the coffee machines.

Why Should I Clean My Coffee Maker?

Well, the simple answer is, ‘to get rid of germs and residue.’

Coffee makers tend to become extremely unhygienic, and the worst part is that most people don’t realize it. According to a survey, most people think their coffee makers are some of the cleanest appliances in their kitchen. Contrary to their belief, it was found that most of the coffee makers at homes contain more germs than found in certain parts of the toilet.

Although the entire coffee machine is a home for germs, most of them are found in the carafe. The reason is simple. People follow a common practice of rinsing the carafe and putting it back instead of washing it properly.

Keeping the entire coffee machine clean and germ free is extremely important to maintain a hygienic kitchen. Therefore, we have come up with a few tips and tricks that will surely help you in this regard.

Tips to Clean a Coffee Maker

Rinse with a Salt-Ice Mixture

First and foremost, it is important to clean your carafe. To do that, simply combine salt and ice together and clean the inside of your carafe with it. A good way to do that is by crushing the ice and putting it inside the carafe and then putting salt over it. After that, gently clean the inside a little and then leave the salt-ice mixture to cut through the depositories. After a few minutes, rinse and dry the carafe.

Vinegar Water

Every time you brew your coffee, you allow mineral deposits to set all over the inside of your machine. A great way to clean it is by using vinegar water. Make a water-vinegar mixture and run the brewing process, putting this mixture in the water compartment. During the brewing process, your coffee machine will take the vinegar mixture through the impure areas and clean them. To get rid of the smell of vinegar, run another brewing cycle with clean water.

Water and Lemon Juice Mixture

If you do not want to use vinegar, an alternative solution is using lemon juice instead. The best thing is that it offers the same cleaning benefits as vinegar does, but with better smell. In addition to that, the scent of lemon also keeps the ants away.


There are several other ways to clean a coffee maker . You can even give it a wash by dismantling the components of your coffee machine and cleaning them using your dishwasher. To maintain hygienic use, it is normally advised to use either of the mentioned solutions at least once every one or two weeks.