The Truth Behind Video Surveillance

What turns off burglars from breaking into your home? There are many factors that can cause them to suddenly stop doing what they want to do. It can be because they have suddenly thought twice about doing it based on conscience, they might have reconsidered their target, or they might have been influenced by the houses protection system.

The Criminal Mind

A study conducted in Charlotte, North Carolina studied the behavior of approximately four hundred criminals and questioned their decision making and their motivations for burglary. Of the four hundred and twenty-two respondents, almost ninety percent of them indicated that their main reason for committing burglary was because of their need for money. The other 10% indicated that they were motivated by their need to sustain their drug addiction.

This research also dealt heavily with the differences between the motivation to steal between males and females. For instance, male burglars typically plan everything ahead of time. They come prepared.

By the time that they initiate their plans, they already know everything there is to know about their victim. On the other hand, female burglars tend to be more impulsive when it comes to their actions, usually committing crimes at the spur of the moment, at times without any form of planning whatsoever.

How Security Systems Help

What does not change between these two sexes, however, is the fact that both are turned off by video surveillance. The relationship between video surveillance and intruder deterrence is strong in both sexes. Both are turned off when they see that a particular home has some kind of video surveillance monitoring installed.

The study also found that residential homes were mostly the favorite target of these burglaries, with about more than 95% of the criminals interviewed preferring robbing homes rather than commercial establishments.

When it comes to choice of entry, most criminals tend to favor breaking windows rather than doors. The reason might be because homes have typically less security than stores or other commercial establishments, which are usually protected by security cameras. This, then, brings up the fact that surveillance is something that criminals tend to avoid.

It’s obvious that burglars will naturally be turned off from robbing a home if there is a security camera that is watching their every move. The study pointed out the significant relationship between video surveillance and intruder deterrence, with nearly 60% of the criminals indicating that they have specifically not chosen houses or establishments that have security equipment such as video surveillance.

Not Just Fancy Video Equipment

What this reveals about intruders is that they may plan their thefts ahead of time. They may use equipment in order to get the job done. However, studies show that as long as a property is protected by surveillance equipment, its unlikely that burglars will even try to break in.