Does Yellow Really Help Houses Sell Faster

Houses with bold and striking exteriors like neon pink or royal blue immediately catch the attention of people passing by. But beware. They are probably not thinking to themselves Wow, I want to live in that house. Although unique colors make a statement and give your house character, they are more of an acquired taste. Good luck finding someone who will also appreciate your purple roof. If you want to sell your house faster, consider catching peoples attention with neutral colors. Check out for some great options.

For both old and modern homes, the term neutral colors is no longer limited to white or beige. You can play around with different shades as long as you stick to a certain color palette. These color palettes include white, gray, light blue, and tan.

The white color palette includes off-white, beige, and cream. They are sometimes stereotyped as being safe or boring, but the truth is white opens the possibility for endless creativity. It gives you a chance to accentuate the trim on your house. You can also play around with colorful exterior décor. Moreover, white is just so easy on and welcoming to the eyes. Gray is a popular color right now, especially on modern homes. You can go from a light to a darker shade of grey and your house will still look cool and sophisticated.

Blue is universally known as the color of peace and tranquility. People will feel calm when they look at your house, especially if it is in a lighter shade of blue. If you want your house to be both soothing and sophisticated, you might want to try blue gray. You cant go wrong with tan or earth tones. They are warm and they make your house feel homier. Those with rugged taste will fall in love with the cozy feeling tan colors give.

The aforementioned colors help sell a house faster because they are timeless and universal. They can be appreciated by anybody, from the minimalists to people with eccentric tastes. They are in line with the clean and simple aesthetic popular in the world today, and not just with houses. If you cant help yourself and want to explore the color wheel further, dont forget to keep it light. Feel free to paint your house red, orange, yellow, or green as long as you choose lighter shades.

Also keep in mind that whether your house will sell faster is dependent not only on the kind of color it has, but also on the quality of the color. Even if you stick to the color palettes mentioned above, if the paint on your sidings and trim are all worn out and chipping, you will still have a hard time selling your house. In this case, you should invest time, money, and effort in repainting your house.

The best way to sell your home is to take into account factors like its price, size, location, and target market. You should then choose a color that fits perfectly with all these factors. If you package your house correctly, it will attract the right buyer who will later on become the next proud owner.